9beats - Lucid Dream [NOR013]

While keeping a relatively low profile, 9beats continues to provide his highly distinctive sound. 'Lucid Dream' is a collage of blippy ambient atmospheres and super deep grooves, in which it's easy to get lost and dance. A collection of brainy and ethereal cuts that will find its way into the most obscure clubs or serve as your perfect space trip OST.

Released December 28, 2017

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Simone Bauer - Quantum Vacuum [NOR012]

What used to be my body is now only movement itself, a flow of sounds in fleeting waves. I amplify, refine, diffuse. In this space, nothing can be named. Individual forms no longer exist. All matter expands and contracts together. Breathes in and out. This is crystalline immersion. This is the realisation that a true void exists nowhere, not in nature nor in the mind.

Released November 29, 2017

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Bohdan - Hermeticism [NORLTD002]

NORITE strikes back with 'Hermeticism', a captivating EP by Kiev-based Bohdan. 'Overflöd' starts off with subtle percussion variations and a muffled arpeggiated synth on top of a heady kick-bass combo, providing an almost aquatic sound. AWB's remix brings a more looming version: haunted choirs and broken beats lurk into darker territories. In 'Cordova', a steady kick drum ensures an uplifting tempo, while the sub bass tempers with a deeper groove. Celestial and eerie synths provide harmonious ambient soundscapes. Hydrangea's remix slowly takes off to droning noise washes and ethereal pads.

Released October 10, 2017

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Shkedul - Undefined Places Hidden In My Mind [NOR011]

"Unthought Dream" starts the EP in full force combining energetic drums and echoed stabs, for a serious club banger. "Never think about it, thanks" goes a bit deeper, with a relentless kick-bassline combo. Alongside these two gems, you will find a cinematic orchestration from Paris-based and close friend Boskøw, plus a deep and dubby variation from our mainstay Vâyu.

Released June 26, 2017

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Ymir / Saphileaum - Separation Chapter [NOR010]

We proudly present our 10th release on our regular NORxxx series, with a split 4-tracker from two very promising talents : Ymir and Saphileaum. With their shared love for deep and textured sound, the two producers were bound to appear on the same release and we're delighted to showcase their universe through Separation Chapter.

Released May 31, 2017

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9beats - Deepspace [NOR009]

For their 10th release, NORITE meets the space explorations of 9beats, a young producer from Lyon. His elegant debut EP “Deepspace” is a coherent 4-tracker where each track helps building up the universe in which the producer aims to immerse the listener.

Released April 12, 2017

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Saphileaum - Dynamics of Celestial Spheres [NOR008]

Coming up next on NORITE is a young producer from Tbilisi. Saphileaum offers a delicate and hypnotising 4-tracker with slowly evolving landscapes and esoteric atmospheres. Keep your eyes peeled for this promising Georgian talent.

Released March 15, 2017

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Foreign Material - Black Sun [NOR007]

After a debut EP on the renowned belgian imprint Curle Recordings, NORITE’s head honcho Foreign Material releases a new EP on his own label. Black Sun’s music is a cosmic and esoteric travel into unexplored areas of space and time, a mystic journey carried by melancholic acid lines, deep gloomy pads and bleepy sequences straight out of dark places. On remix duty, Vâyu provides a shamanic interpretation of the eponym title that will bring you into the hidden heart of the forest to perpetrate forgotten rituals.

Released February 1, 2017

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∑05 [NOR006]

Our final offering this year consists in 4 cuts expanding the universe we've been slowly creating in the past few months. Spanning from Mare Vaporum's rattling sounds and spooky atmosphere to Taxis Alfa's percussion-soaked and ethereal mood, from Under The Black Moon's solid groove and lush pads to ID94's epic VRIL-esque vibes, here is a surprising and soulful release to end 2016 in the best of manners.

Released December 21, 2016

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Lunar Convoy - Outer Rim Territories [NORLTD001]

Lunar Convoy's debut EP inaugurates the new NORITE's vinyl series. Imbued with sacred atmospheres, infiltrated with mysticism, ritualistic melodies and aesthetically charged rhythms, Outer Rim Territories is a testimony of his love for deeper realms. Seswenna's opens the EP with an excursion towards distant planets. Ryloth ventures into darker fields, haunted by ancient voices. Eriadu sets a more mystical pace to embark on a parallel dimension and Allen's take on Ryloth offers a stripped down version filled with devastating hi-hats and firing toms.

Released October 14, 2016

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∑04 [NOR005]

For our fifth instalment, we explored different shades of techno while keeping a coherent feeling, ranging from "Immersed" abyssal deepness, to "Aqua Ardens" saturated drums and rusty soundscape. "Mare Smythii" is taking us on a mind-trip far far away, while "The Tower (XVI)" is another NORITE stomper with a brain-melting 303 work. All in all, a 4-tracker that we hope will satisfy the tech-heads out there, and of which we're really proud !

Released September 16, 2016

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∑03 [NOR004]

For the 3rd episode of our « ∑» series, we wanted to showcase 3 young talents from Belgium and Italy: Yotsuba, NTNXBZZ and Terminal Sync.

The release starts with Aliocha, a mystical cut of ambient deep techno. Malmo follows with minimalistic drums and lush pads to create a melancholic atmosphere. ∑03 ends on a mysterious note with Foras and its magnificent pads and pulsating rhythms.

Released June 29, 2016

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90 - HYPNOSE [NOR003]

90 blesses us with two cinematic beat-driven cuts. Hypnose is a trip into some scandinavian forest. Elegant, dark and sparse, these two tracks delicately merge ambient techno and broken beats. Foreign Material’s take on Hyp is a testimony of his love for acid deep-techno while Lunar Convoy turns Nose into a rusty warehouse anthem.

Released February 24, 2016

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∑02 [NOR002]

This sequel of ∑01 witnesses a drastic evolution in Miloyko’s sound, going from a minimalistic vibe (Pyton) to a more sophisticated and richer ambience (Wormhole). Unknown System explores deep and hypnotic spheres, while Fixion focuses on the bass loop and the layers of percussions to create a solid groove.

Released November 18, 2015

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∑01 [NOR001]

Our debut release features 3 tracks from the 3 label co-owners. It’s the first of the “∑ series” which will go on through the life of the label. It captures the mood and the feelings of the 3 producers at a precise moment, almost like a photograph

Released September 28, 2015

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"NORITE is an igneous rock consisting of light and dark minerals. Established in 2015 in Brussels by Lunar Convoy, Foreign Material and Miloyko."

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